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Do you use ability and aptitude tests when recruiting and assessing the development needs of your Middle Leaders?

Reports show that the great majority of Britain's FTSE-100 do, and that there is increasing use in the public sector, in healthcare and education. All too often, however, the tests that are used have poor validity, uncertain reliability, or were written in the early 1990's - or earlier still! One well-used test has been little revised since it was written at the 'Hatfield Polytechnic' (long since replaced); another's questions are regularly quoted almost verbatim to recruiters - as so many candidates have done it before; still another makes the suggestion in its introduction that young people do not care much about environmental- and similar issues! The abilities and aptitudes of staff selected for a workplace before the web would hardly seem relevant in today's post-modern business world, and yet the same old tests continue to be used!

UKGSAT is a set of aptitude & ability tests, written in the middle years of the first decade of the 21st century, and comprehensively standardised and validated in the UK. Currently there are two tests in the series, measuring Verbal Critical Reasoning and Numerical Critical Reasoning, in contexts familiar to today's middle leaders. You can be confident that UKGSAT will accurately and quickly indicate an individual's likely aptitude for most managerial work

UKGSAT offers a short narrative report, giving details of the test used, the history and usage of ability and aptitude testing, and some hypotheses based on the testee's scores on UKGSAT.


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“Really useful part of the process in determining the capabilities of the applicants for that critical Head of Department position”

Principal, Sixth Form College, North of England

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