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School Selection:

UKGSAT has  been used to help select a new Head of Mathematics for Emmanuel College Gatshead, one of the UK’s leading comprehensive schools. UKGSAT has also been used in the selection of Heads of Department for Free Schools and Maintained Schools across the UK.

Success in the Sixth Form Sector:

Many Sixth Form Colleges including William Morris in Hammersmith, Longley Park in Sheffield, NEW College in Pontefract, King Edward VI in Nuneaton and lots of others have used UKGSAT in selection and/or development.

Academy Groups use UKGSAT

United Learning Trust, Grace Academies, Emmanuel Schools Foundation and others have used UKGSAT in development or selection. In United Learning Trust, the top 100 leaders used UKGSAT as part of their development programme.

UKGSAT in Healthcare

Ramsay Healthcare used UKGSAT as part of their ‘Top 200’ Development programme in 23 Acute Hospitals across the UK.

UKGSAT in Distribution

Excel Logistics (DHL) used UKGSAT as part of its selection processes for a recent vacancy.

Lloydspharmcy used UKGSAT as part of the development of their middle leaders

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UKGMAT has been used to help staff development across the UK’s largest Academy and Independent Schools group in the development and assessment of Middle-Leader potential.

In healthcare, UKGSAT has been used in a major middle-leader assessment and development activity, looking at future senior Hospital Leadership.

In Pharmacy, the UK’s largest community pharmacy chose UKGSAT to help understand the potential and talent of its middle-leaders (Area Pharmacy Managers, Warehouse Managers etc)

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UKPQ is the UK’s brightest personality questionnaire, used especially in Education & Healthcare for recruitment and development.

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